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Good Jobs Score

Our assessment of how good the jobs are at Waitrose & Partners, based on what 71 employees have told us.

Before you apply for a job at Waitrose & Partners, know what it’s really like…

We’ve surveyed 71 current employees about their job at Waitrose & Partners. They’ve told us their hourly pay rate, staff discount, and much more.

Hourly pay rates

Drivers £9.11–9.95

From 4 hourly employees

Managers £8.80–12.02

From 9 hourly employees

Stores £8.40–9.84

From 47 hourly employees

Warehouses £9.10–9.46

From 3 hourly employees

  • Pays less than the Real Living Wage

    Not great
  • People under 25 get paid equally to everyone else doing the same job

  • People get paid every month

  • People get paid accurately and on time



  • This employer uses low hours, part time and full time contracts

  • People work the same number of hours they’re contracted for

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • There’s no consistency in when people get their schedule

    Not great
  • Most managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • Only some people get enough choice over which shifts they work

    Not great
  • Most people find it hard to change shifts

    Not great


  • People get a 15% staff discount at Waitrose and up to 25% staff discount at John Lewis

  • People don’t get paid breaks

    Not great
  • People get proper sick pay



  • Most people feel stressed here

    Not great
  • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

  • Students say this is a good place to work if you’re studying

  • Parents say this is a good place to work if you have childcare responsibilities

  • Only some people get enough training when they start

    Not great
  • Only some people are given support to progress here

    Not great
  • Most people feel well informed about how the company is doing

  • People think head office doesn’t understand what’s happening where they work