Holiday Inn

Good Jobs Score

Score based on recent responses from current employees.

What’s it like to work at Holiday Inn?

We’ve surveyed 20 current employees at Holiday Inn. They’ve told us how much they’re paid, what managers are like, their staff discount, and lots more.


Front of house £6.43–8.17

From 6 hourly employees

Kitchens £7.04–8.32

From 4 hourly employees

Managers £8.27–9.68

From 3 hourly employees

  • Pays less than the Real Living Wage

    Not great
  • People under 25 get paid less than everyone else doing the same job

    Not great


  • This employer uses zero hours, part time and full time contracts

  • Most people work the same number of hours they’re contracted for

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • People get their schedule at the last minute

  • Most people get enough choice over which shifts they work



  • People don’t get paid breaks

    Not great
  • People only get the legal minimum amount of sick pay

    Not great