About Poplar

We’re on a mission to improve the happiness and productivity of frontline teams

The 100M people in the UK and US working on the frontline in retail, social care, hospitality and more, are vital to the success of the services we use every day.

We believe the role of head office is to empower their frontline teams, and free them up to do a great job. But that can be hard, and most tools are designed for the needs of office workers. We’re building software to make that easier.

Our first product helps employers turn their policies and procedures into engaging mobile guides that their frontline teams can build and improve upon.

Who we are

Poplar was started in 2018 by Anna Maybank, James Weiner and Tom Taylor.

We’ve each got 15 years experience building software, starting new businesses, and leading digital transformation for organisations like the BBC, GOV.UK and the Co‑op.

Our office is in Whitechapel, London.

Get in touch with us at hello@poplarhq.com.