Put your frontline colleagues at the heart of improving your business

Poplar turns your company policies and procedures into engaging guides, driven by feedback from teams on the ground

Free up your frontline teams by standardising routine tasks

Set expectations, reduce mistakes and free your team up to focus on what matters. Poplar helps you standardise tasks and describe them clearly, with photos and video to bring it to life.

Empower your workforce to find answers for themselves

Get rid of the dusty back room manuals and relieve your managers from repetitive questions. Now your frontline colleagues can find out how to do anything from their phone.

Keep improving and learning from teams on the ground

Get feedback on where processes don’t exist, aren’t being followed, or need improvement with real-time reporting and analytics. Find gaps and identify safety issues before they become a problem.

We’re on a mission to improve the happiness and productivity of frontline teams. Find out more

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