Got a question about work? Ask your co‑workers in any store, nationwide.

Talk about what’s really happening at work

  • You’re dealing with difficult customers.
  • You’re hearing rumours about changes to the overtime policy.
  • Or you’re worried about management.

So are your co‑workers, and they’re using Poplar to vent and discuss what’s what with each other.

I’m being asked to sign a new job contract, what are my rights?
I can’t get in to check my payslip, is anyone else having problems?
I’m confused about what our manager just told us, can anyone help explain what’s happening?


Ask co-workers about anything from the holiday policy to swapping shifts.


Only for people who deal with customers every day, not management.


A community built by you and your co‑workers, not head office.

We’re on a mission to help you get more out of work: better pay, better hours, better opportunities.

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